A Day in Paris

Running around this amazing city, alone, pockets and purse full of flea market finds, broken ceramic roses, postcards, magazines.  Taking it all back to California.

Thinking about making a doll.  After I get back home, I gather all the stuff from Paris and sit on the floor with the papers.  A collage is created.  Years later, a doll evolves from this image.

I call her The Collector, because that’s who I was and still am.  Picking up cool stuff, other people’s trash, anything that calls to me from the ground, from a gallery, from a remembered moment.  It all becomes part of this doll.

study-for-collector-dollPieces of Picasso, Rodin, Vermeer, an eroded clay face, layered on a monotype made in California.  She hangs out with me and once in awhile I look at her and remember that day in Paris.  A doll is born from  this collage.  Here she is.  I can see how she evolved from 2D to 3D.  Can you find the connections?


Think of a day in your life.  A wonderful day by yourself, finding things that make you feel good.  Just for you.  This is the beginning of your self portrait doll.


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