a Visit with Angela

a Visit with Angela

A Reason for Creating Dolls

Angela is one in a series of figures based on my favorite drawing model.
When I moved across the country I missed Angela so much. Found a lot of drawings created with her and used them as a point of departure to make these figures. Several have sold. But I keep at least one to serve as a surrogate friend and source of inspiration to me.
Have found out that making dolls about people you care about and can no longer be with is a great source of comfort.
At the time I made this Angela I was also studying beliefs of other cultures.
Since these beliefs felt right to me, I incorporated them into this doll.
The clay face is based on an Eskimo sculpture. The printed carving was created from a drawing of a Peruvian burial doll. I gave her animal wings and claw like toes to make manifest the idea of the human/animal transformation and connection.
Fabric is hand dyed and hand printed with original carvings. Face created from original drawing. Hair is a mix of hand dyed yarn and hand dyed fabric. Hands are silk.
A lot of big love in the making of this figure.

completeShe continues to inspire me in my studio today.

She expresses beliefs from many cultures.

go here to visit Angela



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